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We offer expert advisory services to empower our clients with the knowledge and tools to get the best return on investment.

Also together with partners, we offer top quality training on a number of software courses to support our clients enjoy
a great experience while using RSwitch products and services.


RSwitch offers a number of card services which include the following;


RSwitch is the number one bureau for chip and pin cards providing a number of services including;

  1. Card production : Using the best infrastructure, RSwitch produces chip and PIN debit cards which are used on ATMS and POS terminals. Card delivery upon order is also a service offered.
  2. Card Management : RSwitch’s card services team ensures a seamless card management process.
  3. Card hosting and personalization: With our reliable and safe technology, we ensure that card data is safely hosted on our servers. RSwitch has been certified with PCI DSS since 2014 and hence get the certificate renewed every year. We are also certified for PIN Security, which makes our card bureau secured.


RSwitch’s processing system coordinates the flow of various transactions among financial institutions, merchants and customers. RSwitch’s transaction processing covers among others, cash withdraw, balance inquiries transfers and clearing; increasingly reducing the cost of payment services to financial institutions and ultimately customers.

RSwitch uses the most reliable software to ensure uninterrupted integration services.


RSwitch is a certified third party processor managing switching and transaction processing for major payment schemes such as VISA and Union Pay International.

Our Clients

  1. MFIs
  2. SACCOs
  3. MNOs

What RSWITCH has to offer ?

Transaction switching

RSwitch is connected to all commercial banks in Rwanda, mobile networks and some microfinances in order to facilitate the transaction switching. All commercial banks in Rwanda accept Smartcash cards, which is an affordable card used in payment on all terminals in Rwanda.

Third Party Transaction Processing (TPP) and 3D Secure

RSwitch is certified by Visa, UPI and MasterCard for processing on behalf of banks, when it comes to transactions done internationally or locally using the international schemes. In addition to transaction processing, Rswitch also provides reporting services, dispute management and other services as per request.

Rswitch has the capability to process transactions done on different merchants using the 3D secure verification of transaction security. 

Online payment transaction processing

RSwitch also has the capability to onboard merchants who need to receive their payments online through different schemes namely Smartcash, Visa, MasterCard and UPI, as well as Mobile Payments (MoMo) on a very affordable price and settlements done in a very short time.

Mobile Transactions Interoperability

RSwitch has the mandate and the capability to provide technology of switching the mobile transaction interoperability. Currently, two mobile network operators available in Rwanda and two commercial banks have joined the network and have passed the technical testing level and are preparing to be in live environment in very few days.

Cards Production

RSwitch has a quick and reliable card bureau, which produces cards, both payment and non-payment cards at an affordable price and in a short time. Rswitch has also partnered with external perso bureau for production of international schemes. 

Cards Management

The RSwitch switch has the module of managing cards, verifying the security around the card; blocking stolen cards, managing the limit of amount transacted per day per card, or number of transactions per day per card, verifying the security on the card and so many other services on card management. Other financial institutions are also in the process of joining the network, and RSwitch is ready to facilitate whoever is willing to join and comply with the financial industry mandate of being interoperable.

ATM and POS driving management and support

RSwitch is the only company in Rwanda having the capability to drive, manage, maintain and support ATM and POS terminals from one stop center with the qualified systems and staff who have more than 15 years of experience.